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Hors D'oeuvres Menu

Hors D’oeuvres Selections -----Prices Effective May 2019 If ordering from Hors D’oeuvres Selections, a $0.70 per person room set-up fee may be applicable. Trays – Meat & Cheese, Fruit & Crudités ---------- Vegetable Tray (Minimum order for 40 people) Olive Medley (Minimum order for 50 people) Fruit Tray (Minimum order for 40 people) Carrots, celery, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, Assortment of Kalamata & Country Style Assorted seasonal fruits arranged on a broccoli and cucumbers served with dip. Olives in marinade. $10.00 per 10 people. bed of green leaf lettuce. $23.00 per 10 $20.75 per 10 people. people. Relish Tray (Minimum order for 40 people) Three Cheese Tray (Minimum order for 30) Brie Cheese with Liqueur Carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, olives, Cubed to serve 10 people. $12.00/10 people. Warm Brie Cheese with your choice of: Pickles & pepperoncini on a bed of green leaf Sliced to serve 10 people. $15.99/10 people. Kailua & pecan glaze or Brandy Apricot Lettuce served with dip. $26.75 per 10 people. sauce served in Phyllo Cups. $1.75 each. Gourmet Cheese Tray (Minimum order 120 people) Meat & Cheese Tray (Min. order for 40 people) Caprese’ Special Variety of Cheese – Boursin, Gouda, Aged Three meats and three cheeses: Grape tomatoes, fresh basil, mozzarella Cheddar, Asiago & Blue Cheese (can be customized * Thin sliced meats with sliced cheese: ball on skewer drizzled with balsamic for your event). Served with flat breads, deli breads, $19.49 per 10 people glaze. $1.25 & assorted crackers. $35.00 per 10 people. * Sliced for crackers or cubed:  $23.75 per ten people Antipasto Platter (Minimum order for 50 people) Assortment of Salamis, Cheese, Olives & Grilled Vegetables. $35.00 per 10 people.  Finger Foods --------------------------------------------- Tortilla Pinwheels (Minimum order 7 dozen) Bruschetta Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Sour cream, cream cheese, black olives, green * Baguette bread with roma tomatoes, black (Minimum order of 48) chili filling rolled up in tortillas and served with olives, artichoke hearts, red onion, garlic and Bacon wrapped water chestnuts with brown salsa. $0.90 each. feta cheese. $1.75 each. sugar glaze. $1.75 each. * Baguette bread, olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, roma tomatoes & fresh mozzarella. $1.75 ea. Feta Phyllo Cups (Minimum order of 90) Tea Sandwiches Greek Pizza Baked feta & cream cheese in Phyllo cups. Your choice of walnut blue cheese, cranberry Flat bread topped with humus, chopped $1.50 each. Chicken salad or ham & gorgonzola cheese cucumber, tomatoes, Kalamata olives & with pear, & spinach salad. $2.25 each. feta cheese. $12.00 each. Cocktail Sandwiches Antipasto Pinwheels Sushi (Minimum order of 36) Sliced meats, meat salad or spinach salad on (Minimum order of 5 dozen) Your choice of assorted sushi rolls. cocktail buns. $2.25 each. Herb wrap with Gorgonzola spread, salami, $2.00 per piece. provolone cheese & fresh spinach. $1.75 each. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gering Civic Center ~ 1050 M Street ~ Gering, Nebraska 69341 ~ 308.436.6888 or 800.998.8921
Dips & Chips --------------------------------------------- Tex Mex Dip with Tortilla Chips (Serves 75 people) Tropical Salsa with Chips (Serves 75 people) Layered bean dip, sour cream, cheese, olives & tomatoes. $110.00. Tropical fruits, peppers & herbs, served with cinnamon pita chips. $70.00. Spinach Dip (Serves 30 people) Crab Pizza (Serves 75 people) Served in a bread bowl with bread cubes. $32.00. Cream cheese topped with chili sauce & crab. Served w/crackers $110.00 Hot Artichoke Dip with Green Chilies (Serves 30 people) Brussel Sprout Dip Served with assorted crackers. $40.00. Served with Crostinni and crackers Shaved Brussel sprouts in a cream cheese and Paremsan Cheese dip Meat Hors D’oeuvres & Salads -----Food stations set-up on request Chicken Wings (Minimum order of 4 dozen) Garlic Sausage Egg Rolls Regular or spicy. $16.95 per dozen. Bite-sized pieces of the Meat Shoppe’s Pork and vegetable filled. $1.75 each. Blue Cheese or Ranch Dip $10.75 per 4 dozen order. garlic sausage. $10.00 per pound. Stuffed Mushrooms (Minimum order of 24) Roasted Pork or Pulled Pork Maryland Crab Cakes Cream cheese and chicken breast filling. $ 8.49 per pound Crab cakes served with tropical salsa $2.00 each $2.50 each – Cocktail size Shrimp Platter Seasoned Roast Beef Dollar Buns ~ $7.29 per dozen Jumbo or medium shrimp served with cocktail $12.00 per pound. sauce. Market Price. Crackers $8.50 per 30 people Oriental Meatballs (80 pieces per order) Barbeque Beef Swedish Meatballs (80 pieces per order) Seasoned ground beef with sesame grill sauce. $12.00 per pound. Seasoned ground beef in a dill cream sauce. $40.00 per order. $40.00 per order. Potato Chips - $12.50 per 30 people Cocktail Smokies (50pieces) Served in a chili sauce. $12.99 per order. Broccoli-Bacon Salad - $2.45 per person. Fruit Salad - $1.99 per person. Pasta Salad - $1.59 per person. Desserts --------------------------------------------------- Chocolate Strawberries (Seasonal) Assorted Mini Cheesecakes (Minimum order of 100) $1.50 each Flavors: Chocolate Chip, Lemon, New York & Raspberry. $1.75 each Chocolate Fountain (Minimum 100 people) Assorted Brownies and Bars Flowing chocolate w/assorted fruits & sweets. $5.00 per person. Miniature pieces of brownies and dessert bars. $.85 each Liquor ------------------------------------------------------  A minimum of $100 of revenue per bar hour with a two-hour minimum must be generated or the difference will be charged.  Call Drinks $4.75 each Specialty Champagne (Call for price) Premium Drinks $5.75 each House Champagne $13.00/Bottle $15.00/Bottle served Super Premium Drinks $6.75 each Dated/Bottled Wine Glass Bottle Sutter Home Wines $3.75 each Beringer’s White Zinfandel $4.50 $16.00 Wine Coolers $3.75 each Kendall Jackson Riesling $7.00 $27.00 Domestic Beer $3.00 each Butter Chardonnay $8.50 $32.00 Imported Beers $3.75 Italo Cescon Pinot Grigio $7.00 $27.00 Keg (150 glasses) $300.00 per keg Thomas Henry Cabernet $7.00 $27.00 Soft Drinks $1.00 each Sebastiani Merlot $8.50 $32.00  Row 503 Pinot Noir $9.50 $38.00  Rombauer Red Zinfandel $10.00 $40.00